This opportunity is free to enter.

Unfortunately not, only artists with experience of producing work for a commission are eligible.

The selected artist will be commissioned to produce 9 works in total. Maximum artwork dimensions are listed below.

7 x works – 120cm H x 80cm W (47 in x 31.5 in)

1 x work –  120cm H x 180cm W (47 in x 71 in)

1 x work –   150cm H x 100cm W (59 in x 39.5 in)

·         The length of the restaurant is approx. 10 metres.

·         The width, at its widest, is 9.5 metres

·         The width at its narrowest is 4.4 metres

·         The highest point of the ceiling is 3.3 metres

·         The lowest point of the ceiling is 2.8 metres

Click here to view images of the restaurant.

The copyright will remain with the artist.

If you know what you would like to produce for this commission then please do submit a plan alongside images of previous works produced in this vain.

If you do not know exactly what you would like to produce at this stage that is absolutely fine. Please upload images which provide the selectors with an overview of your practice and an idea of what you are likely to produce.

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